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Annually over 100,000 new melanomas are diagnosed (about 60,000 in men and 40,000 in women). Sadly about 6,800 people are estimated to die of melanoma annually (about 4500 men and 2,300 women).

American Melanoma Institute is the leading national physician-led nonprofit institute aimed towards melanoma and skin cancer education, support and conducting scientific research, prevention and eventually finding cures for skin cancers.

Your donation to the American Melanoma Institute will enable us to provide hope and help to the millions of people affected by skin cancer. We specifically use it to develop educational content, raise awareness, celebrate those who survived through walks and charitable events, support and conduct scientific research. 

Volunteers play a crucial role for the melanoma institute. Volunteers generously donate their time and talent to us, extending the reach of our programs and services throughout the nation, as well as raising public awareness about skin cancers.

To save and celebrate lives through education, raising awareness, support, scientific research,  diagnosis and treatment, and eventually finding cures for skin cancers.

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