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About AMI

Skin cancer is the number one cancer in the USA, with one person dying from melanoma every hour in the US. American Melanoma Institute (AMI) was founded in March 2019 by a group of passionate volunteers, some with extensive medical training in specialties such as dermatology, dermatopathology, pharmacy, optometry and dentistry to help prevent, diagnose, and ultimately end melanoma-related death. AMI focuses on public education, prevention projects, celebrating survivors, supporting warriors. Please consider donating to AMI and volunteering with us if our mission resonates with you.

AMI stands for gathering the community to fight skin cancers including melanoma. Medical and emotional care in the realm of cancer treatment is never easy, but the load is lightened when everyone gives themselves willingly and freely to the cause. 

Our Mission

It's not just skin cancer; it's the largest organ. Most skin cancers are preventable.

Our Mission

American Melanoma Institute is a physician-led national nonprofit organization aimed towards melanoma and skin cancer education, support, conducting scientific research, prevention and finding cures for skin cancers.

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Medical Consultation

Our Vision

AMI's vision is to reduce the incidence of skin cancers and end melanoma related death.

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