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Memorial Wall 

Honoring those who we lost  battling Melanoma and other skin cancers.

The Memorial Wall is a virtual place to

  • Honor the diversity and rich legacies of the people we have already lost to Melanoma and demonstrate to the world the high human cost of this neglected cancer.  

  • Provide a place for the living to visit so they can gain solace and understanding around the battle of a loved one with Melanoma.

  • Serve as a memorial when the family prefers donations in lieu of flowers or tributes at anniversaries or other significant dates.


Our work to ensure no one is isolated because of Melanoma has always been a labor of love. The Memorial Wall is an extension of that love – a virtual place for love to gather, reminisce, celebrate, as well as a ‘show of force’ to remind the world what we’ve already lost to this hideous cancer. 


Become a Memorial Wall Sponsor

Inclusion on the wall is free, but maintenance takes effort. Join our team of core supporters to build your own legacy and carry on the memories of those who have gone before us. Your sponsorship helps ensure we can continue providing the services, insight, and support that have helped so many on their journey. 


          Diamond – $20,000

           Platinum – $15,000

          Titanium  – $10,000

               Gold   –  $5,000

               Silver   –  $2,500

             Bronze  –  $1,000



If you wish to honor your loved one and share your memories in a public fashion or establish a memorial event, such as a golf tournament, walk, or special event in the name of the family or decedent, please contact us at

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